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  Víctor Hernández 4a8491ae90 Renamed a process 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 8452582e53 Optimize imports 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 4ea517dce0 Added intermediate states between finishing consent form and sending user registration data. Patched issue #6 temporarily. Added many more toasts for improved interaction and UX. Fixed typo bug in SendConsentForm. Substituted HTTP for HTTPS when establishing connections. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 6246811d9f Refactored and gave ResetPasswordActivity a makover. Simplified input validation in background tasks. Changed the bottom navigation bar colors for the MainActivity. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 4f60b46938 Refactored and gave ForgotPasswordActivity a makeover. Added loading and error states to it. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 7da74adaec Improved SendConsentForm logic 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 59c00c3b37 Gave AccountRecoveryActivity a makeover 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 8abf9303fe Actually added validation now to remaining background tasks lol 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández cf183642fa Refactored AccountRecoveryActivity. Changed default activity to GettingStarted. Cleaned up redirection logic (in case user starts in other activities). Renamed theme. Validation added to background tasks. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 90984eca1d Gave GettingStartedActivity a makeover. Changed System.out.println() calls to Log calls. Moved services into their own package. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández d2eb8980a5 Extracted string literals to strings.xml and refactored GettingStartedActivity 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández a6ed1ce323 Updated FetchUserStatus to adapt for backend changes. Moved Intent.startActivity(GettingStarted) back to MainActivity. Substituted FirebaseInstanceId for GlobalValues instance. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 785ef8ea88 Added disabled button appearance. Fixed login bug (typo). Moved app-level stuff to App.java instead of MainActivity. Implemented some global observable variables. Added loading state to WithdrawFragment. Fixed Resources.getSystem().getString() bug. Fixed AsyncTasks callback bug. Refactored. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 905ee8db9c ExperienceRegistration got a makeover. Fixes scaled questions bug. Implements 'Retry/Cancel' logic when sending survey answers. Adds multiline open answers (yet limits them to database limit). Heavy refactoring once more. 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 24c10cd946 Experience Registration Activity got a makeover, as well as other minor changes/refactoring 3 years ago
  Víctor Hernández 227f7dddf7 Moved files to packages, cleaned some files, renamed others, implemented separation of concerns and implemented the new AssessmentsActivity with desired improvements. 3 years ago
  Carlos J Corrada Bravo e9a0ed7e54 primer commit. En serio? 3 years ago